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Epica - Seif Al Din” Acoustic (We Will Take You With Us) 2004.

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Fire and ice!

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I played some of my first “real shows” with this iconic woman many years ago. She is unstoppable! The lady. The legend. DORO!!

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WE DID IT!! WE FUCKING WON! My very first single with AE won the Metal Anthem award! I can’t believe it! I’m so proud of us, Michael, Sharlee, Daniel, Angela and Nick! Huge thanks to Nikki, Nasrin, Antje, Jens from Century Media for believing in us! Thank you Angela for your legacy and your continued hard work ! Thank you Staffan and Jens for your contributions to the album! And thank you to all the promoters, journalists and crew for supporting Arch Enemy!
Last but not least, thank you to the fans who supported me through thick and thin, to the arch enemy fans who braved this journey with us and to everyone who has connected with my musical career. We did it!! :) #metalanthem #award #metalhammer #archenemy #wareternal #Alissawhitegluz

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LC and friends at Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin, Germany!

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FI-NAL-LY we met!!!! @alissawhitegluz is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside ♥ girl power is on the roof tonight!!

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Lot of old friends tonight… I am LOVING it!!! Sharon, Doro and I ♥♥♥

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Taking “hornz up” to the next level!!! How do we look? Metal Hammer awards…here we are!!

Thanks to the amazing Ingeborg Steenhorst for making real the horns ‘n roses (and the shoulder piece) I has in mind and also for Andi’s jacket!!!

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Berlin, here we are ♥ Metal Hammer awards tonight… So excited! HA!!!! Stay tuned for updates… I’ll bring you all with me!

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Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) by Tim Tronckoe Photography.